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Each episode we bring you a new person or message to help you unlock your child's superpowers, deepen your connection and TRANSFORM playtime at your place!


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Have you ever wondered about tips for 'tantrum taming', preparing your child for school, knowing 'what to do' with certain age groups, suggestions for toy storage to encourage more purposeful play or wanted ideas about what a 'typical day' looks like in early childhood?

If you've wondered any of these things - HUZZAH!! - the Play Squad Podcast has been created for YOU!

As a Mum of 4, an award-winning teacher and someone SUPER passionate about the importance of play in the early years, I know how daunting it can be to try to do the *right thing* for your kids - and yourself as a parent (or carer).

My aim with the Podcast is to connect you with experts to help brighten days with young children - and to help you get PLAYFUL!

Each episode of the Play Squad Podcast we bring you a new person or message to educate, empower and inspire you to unlock your child's potential in PLAYFUL ways.

Perfection is a unicorn 🦄 and we are on a mission to help YOU inject joy, playfulness and loving connection into your days with little people.

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014 : The Joy of Books

Teri from Petit Book Corner chats all things books with us in this episode.

Teri is an avid collector of picture books and explains how powerful picture books can be as a teaching and learning tool across all ages.

Teri shares her top 5 invaluable tips and tools for selecting good quality picture books as well as the best resources for choosing good quality picture books. READ MORE HERE.


013 : A conversation around homeschool

In today's episode, Suze from Invitation to Play shares her personal story of her daughter's early education experience and how home schooling became the perfect solution.

Suze says openly that home schooling was not on her family's radar for educating their children, but when she noticed her bubbly, social, happy little girl's spark had gone out for learning, she was determined to make a change and says " We can really only make the best decisions for our family in the season we are in for now". READ MORE HERE.


012 : What the ‘teacher of teachers’ says about PLAY

In this episode of the Podcast, I chat to Dr Sandra Hesterman, a University Lecturer who is the Director of Early Childhood Education - she is responsible for teaching early childhood teachers the ins and outs of classroom life.

We had a chat about the changing landscape of education, how more is expected at an earlier age and how we - as parents - have become ‘more accountable’ in these pre-school aged years. READ MORE HERE.


011 : Demystifying the ‘techno tantrum’ with Dr Kristy Goodwin

In today’s episode, I talk to Dr Kristy Goodwin all about raising children in our digital age.

We also discuss 'techno tantrums' and ways you can integrate technology into your child’s day in a loving (and healthy) way! READ MORE HERE.


010 : Kids Who Are Not Insta-Square Compliant

In today’s episode, Amy Cambridge (@thehouseworkcanwait) shares her journey as a mum of two active little boys. Amy shares how she loves adapts ideas to suit her little people and the importance of getting outside in their daily routine. READ MORE HERE.


009 : Common Sense Parenting with Maggie Dent

We are so thrilled to welcome the wonderful Maggie Dent to the show to dive into some of the things she’s written in her fabulous book, 9 Things, which is all about common sense parenting. READ MORE HERE.


008 : School Readiness with Kirsty from Learning Blocks Australia

What exactly IS School Readiness?

Today, Kristy from Learning Blocks Australia shares her story and her top tips for families who have little people about to embark on their school journey.



007: Podcast relaunch: Lessons I’ve learnt when setting up a play space

Welcome to the Play Squad Podcast's first episode for 2019! 

Today, Amy shares some of her top tips for creating a space to play, revealing what has worked for her four children and the constant evolution as kids' grow and change. READ MORE HERE.


006 : Top Tips for Getting Creative with Kids with Shannon from Oh Creative Day

In this episode we chat to Shannon of @ohcreativeday, a teacher, Mum of 3 and co-creator of @get.creative.with. Amy and Shannon share their top tips when getting creative with kids. READ MORE HERE.


005 : Getting Ready to Start School with Lauren from Teacher Types

In today’s episode Amy chats with Lauren from Teacher Types. Lauren is an Aussie teacher, Mum of two gorgeous boys and a blogger. They discuss Lauren’s best top tips for helping children start and transition smoothly into school. READ MORE HERE.


004 : Top Tips when Getting Started Setting up Invitations to Play with Amy Cox

Today, Amy shares her top tips for setting up playful invitations at home (SPOILER ALERT: you do NOT need #AllTheGrimms). A focus of this episode is on removing the picture perfect image and creating realistic expectations of what play IS. Amy shares her experiences with her own four children and the learning curves they have experienced. READ MORE HERE.


003 : Open Ended Toys with Brianna Hindmarsh from the Creative Toy Shop

In this episode, Amy speaks with Brianna from The Creative Toy Shop (formerly Notes From A Home Educator). Brianna is a teacher, who home schools four incredible little boys and shares how this journey lead her to open her Creative Toy Shop and the value of open ended toys. READ MORE HERE.


002 : Making Kindness Magical with Anna Ranson

In today's episode, Amy chats to Anna from The Imagination Tree who shares insights from her journey as a Mum of four, Early Education teacher and the creator of both The Imagination Tree & The Kindness Elves. READ MORE HERE.


001 : Introduction to the Play Squad Podcast!

Welcome to the very first episode of the Play Squad Podcast! Join your host Amy Cox, Aussie Mum of four and teacher turned entrepreneur on a mission to champion play in the early years of children’s lives. READ MORE HERE.


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