012 : What the ‘teacher of teachers’ says about PLAY

education play Jun 16, 2019

Today, I want to share an episode of the Play Squad Podcast with you that I hope to spark conversations around Australia.

In this episode of the Podcast, I chat to Dr Sandra Hesterman, a University Lecturer who is the Director of Early Childhood Education - she is responsible for teaching early childhood teachers the ins and outs of classroom life.

We had a chat about the changing landscape of education, how more is expected at an earlier age and how we - as parents - have become ‘more accountable’ in these pre-school aged years.

I often think how much easier life would be for me (and my family) if I just went back to the classroom two days a week, instead of pursuing my heart-centred entrepreneurial path.

But the reality for me is, I am just SO PASSIONATE about how important PLAY is for our children and to help parents inject joy, playfulness and loving connection into their days with young kiddos.

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Listen in to this week’s podcast here.

BIGGEST smiles!

Amy xx



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