014 : The Joy of Books

books literacy reading Jul 15, 2019

Teri from Petit Book Corner chats all things books with us in this episode.

Teri is an avid collector of picture books and explains how powerful picture books can be as a teaching and learning tool across all ages.

Teri shares her top 5 invaluable tips and tools for selecting good quality picture books as well as the best resources for choosing good quality picture books, namely your local library.

In sharing her passion for books and creating a foundation for literacy, Teri explains the benefits of reading with our children. She recognises that parents are in fact their children's first reading teacher and implores people to put away the 'to-do' list. She provides strategies for making the time to read and offers ways we can display a value for reading.

The benefits for prioritising reading and integrating it into the family routine becomes clear when listening to Teri's practical advice and how-to tips.

For more great ideas on what we can do at home to help our kids, listen in here.

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