002 : Making Kindness Magical with Anna Ranson

imagination tree May 21, 2019


Today, Amy chats to Anna from The Imagination Tree.

Anna shares her journey as a Mum and the joy she - and her children - have discovered though play.

Anna is a Mum of four, Early Childhood teacher and the amazing owner and creator of both The Imagination Tree & The Kindness Elves.



0:39 Amy introduces Anna from The Imagination Tree. Anna shares her own personal journey with play, her website and blog.

1:06 Anna shares the background behind her award winning website - The Imagination Tree.

2:59 Amy asks Anna to share her favourite topics that she has written about over the years - sensory play and small world play.

3:49 Anna talks about which ideas her own children have loved love doing over and over again - playdough!

4:59 Amy and Anna discuss The Kindness Elves and how they came about. Spreading random acts of kindness, building kindness through positive language and actions. Encouraging empathy.


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